JDI Framework

“Easy things should be easy, and hard things should be possible.”

- Larry Wall

Key highlights
Technical details

Key highlights


Our team of strategists, designers, architects, and engineers brings you an innovative UI Test Automation Framework that significantly extends the PageObjects design pattern and introduces a number of additional elements that cover implementation of the most common use cases.


  • The result of 5+ years of testing experience
    • Proven to accelerate projects by 2-3 times and improve test automation quality
  • Easy use and support
    • Increases test scenarios transparency (test fix/update time reduced by 30-50%)
    • Reduces test analysis time by 20-30%
    • Provides detailed information on test runs by using the PageObjects pattern integrated with BDD frameworks (Cucumber) and CI (Jenkins), logging (log4j), and reporting (Allure)
  • Highly re-usable architecture based on Open Source
    • Re-usable and customizable for different projects
    • Well-documented (specifications, javadocs, examples, tutorials)
  • Cross-platform (multi-browser)
    • Enables testers to use the same testing language for web, mobile, and desktop applications

The source code is licensed under GPL License.
For more information, join our VK group.

Technical details

Standard PageObjects pattern extended with our UI Objects pattern:

  • Page Objects
    Web elements
    Element actions
  • HTML Elements
    User elements (Button, Label, Table…) in the Web
  • UI Objects
    Implemented Page Objects (Form, Search, Pagination, Login form etc.)
    User elements for any UI: web/mobile/desktop

Modular architecture allows for easy replacement of modules with the addition of your own. The modules are:

  • Driver
  • Logging
    C#: Log4Net, NLog, your solution
    Java: log4J, testng, your solution
  • Assertion/Reporting
    C#: MSTest, NUnit
    Java: JUnit, TestNG
  • TestRunner
    C#: MSTest, NUnit
    Java: JUnit, TestNG

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